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Clark's Teaberry Gum, 5 Stick Pack
Clark's Teaberry Gum, 5 Stick Pack
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Teaberry Chewing Gum

Clark's Teaberry chewing gum is an old favorite that dates back to about 1900.  It has a mild flavor — somewhere between mint and cinnamon, with a subtle kick — and is much more refreshing than the ultra-strong or fruity gums popular today.  The name "teaberry" actually is the common name used for wintergreen in the Southeastern United States where it grows wild.

It should be noted that this gum does not contain aspartame, acesulfame, phenylalanine or other chemicals used in the current formulas of other gum companies to create "longer lasting" gum.

This is gum the way you remember it - an initial sweet, flavor burst followed by a mild chewing experience.  The flavor is actually very long lasting - it is the super sweet part that is not the same as the modern, "chemicalized" gums.  This is the kind of gum that you use to chew for hours and rest in the "gum saver" on your nightstand at bed-time to stretch your hard-earned allowance money.

In the early 1960s, Clark Gum Company ran a series of TV commercials, all showing people launching into a little shuffle step dance at the taste of Teaberry gum.

The theme music was a tune by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass entitled, "The Mexican Shuffle," renamed "The Teaberry Shuffle," for the ads.  The ad campaign reportedly boosted sales of the chewing gum and gave Alpert's career a kick.

About the label - Back in the early 1920s, the company used a carpenter's level as the background image for the chewing gum flavor and underneath, the slogan, "Its On The Level."  This appeared on packs of both the Teaberry and Tendermint.

As time advanced, the image was slowly "modernized".  The carpenter's level steadily became simplified, losing the wood grain and detail until only a bar remains.  The slogan was eventually dropped altogether. The berries were kept on the gum wrapper through the 1970's.

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