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He Lan Dou (Hé Lán Dòu) Good 604, Edible Podded Peas<br>Sold Out
Hé Lán Dòu Good 604, Edible Podded Peas
He Lan Dou (Hé Lán Dòu) Good 604, Edible Podded Peas
Sold Out
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'Hé Lán Dòu Good 604' Snow Peas Certified Naturally Grown Seed

60 to 65 days — The plants are cold tolerant, vigorous and very productive, and grow three to four feet tall. Can be sown for both spring and fall season harvests. They will benefit from some support as it keeps the developing pods off of the ground and makes picking easier.

The flowers are quite beautiful. The pods are crispy, sweet, tender and harvested just as peas begin to develop when they are two to two and a half inches long. For the maximum productivity, keep the pods picked. They are excellent fresh as a garnish in a tossed salad, lightly steamed, or in a favorite stir fry recipe.

We do not know a lot about this variety. On a trip to San Francisco's Chinatown in 2010, we were walking past a small neighborhood market that happened to have a display rack of seed packets in front on the sidewalk. A beautiful glossy packet caught my eye and it looked like it was an ornamental sweet pea. I picked up the few packs that they had and though the shop keeper spoke very little English, we were able to determine that "hé lán dòu" translates from Chinese as "snow pea" or "edible podded pea." Our source seed was from the Yangchun Chuncheng Yimin Vegetable Seed Store.

[Tip: Here on the farm, orchard pruning time closely coincides with pea planting time.  This means there there is always ample material for pea support.  We simply poke twigs into the ground along the pea row and they grow up through them.]

Each 0.5 ounce is approximately 75 seeds, which is generally enough to plant at least a ten foot row.
Customer Reviews Average Rating review
Loved these peas!
These seeds grew beautifully in my raised bed (zone 4a) and had lovely purple flowers. The pods were prolific! The pods are sweet and were excellent fresh and they blanched and froze really well. We will be enjoying these all winter and I will definitely grow them again.
Reviewed by: Tessa Garry from Anchorage, AK. on 11/6/2015
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