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"Preserving the future,
one seed at a time."

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2016 Victory Seed Company Annual Catalog
Aan tu bai hua lu da dou
Abraham Lincoln Tomato
Ace 55 Tomato
Acme, De Giorgi Tomato
Addis Cucumber
Adelaide Festival Tomato
Affinis Tobacco
Agate Soybean
Alaska Pea
Alderman (Tall Telephone) Pea
Alicante Bush Green Bean
Al-Kuffa Tomato
All American Parsnip
All Seasons Cabbage
All Year Round Cauliflower
All Year Round Lettuce
Allsweet Watermelon
Alpatieva 905A Tomato
Alpha Pink Tomato
Altaiskaya Melon
Alubia de Tolosa (Alubias Tolosanas) Bean
Amarillo Oro Melon
Amasoy Soybean
America Spinach
American Gardens in the Eighteenth Century: For Use or For Delight
American Purple Top Rutabaga
Amish Paste Tomato
Amsterdam Carrot
An Dunscaja Soybean
An Tu Bai chang lu dou
Anaheim Hot Pepper
Ananas Melon
Ananashyi Zucchini Summer Squash
Ancho (Poblano) Hot Pepper
Anna Banana Russian Tomato
Anna Maria's Heart Tomato
Anna Russian Tomato
Aoyu Soybean
Appaloosa Bush Dry Bean
Aquadulce Fava Bean
Arikara Watermelon
Arikara Yellow Bush Dry Bean
Armenian Cucumber
Ashleigh Tomato
Ashley Cucumber
Atlantic Broccoli
Sold Out for 2015
Atlantic Giant Pumpkin
Atomic Red Carrot
Aunt Doll Bean
Aunt Hettie's Red Okra
Aunt Ruby's German Green Tomato
Aunt Sophie's Tomato
Australian Giant Oxheart Tomato
Austrian Winter Pea
Autumn King Carrot
Azoychka Tomato
Baby Blue Eyes
Baby's Breath
Badger Garden Pea
Banana Legs Tomato
Banana Melon
Banana, Pink Jumbo - Winter Squash
Banksia Queen Dwarf Tomato
Barese Swiss Chard
Basil, Cinnamon
Basil, Lemon
Basil, Lettuce Leaf
Basil, Lime
Basil, Red Leaf
Basil, Sweet
Basil, Thai or Licorice
Beefsteak Tomato
Beemans Gum - 5 Stick Pack
Beer Friend Soybean
Bei 77-6177 Soybean
Bei Liang 11 Soybean
Belakaya Soybean
Benning's Green Tint Scallop Summer Squash
Bergin Bean
Besarabka Soybean
Bible Plants for American Gardens
Bi-color Cherry Tomato
Big Boy Southern Pea
Big Green Dwarf Tomato
Big Max Pumpkin
Big Rainbow Tomato
Birdhouse Gourd
Bird's Foot Trefoil
Bishop's Flower
Bisignano #2 Tomato
Black & White Seed Favors
Black Beauty Eggplant
Black Beauty Zucchini Summer Squash
Black Calypso Bush Dry Bean
Black Cherry Tomato
Black Crowder Southern Pea
Black Diamond Watermelon
Black Eyebrow Soybean
Black Jack Gum 5 Stick Pack
Black Jet Soybean
Black Krim Tomato
Black Marking Pencil
Black Mexican Sweet Corn
Black Pearl Soybean
Black Seeded Simpson Leaf Lettuce
Black Spanish Round Radish
Blackeye Soybean
Blanco Duro Onion
Blanketflower - Gaillardia arisata
Bloody Butcher Corn
Bloomsdale Longstanding Spinach
Blue Delicatesse Kohl Rabi
Blue Lake 274 Bush Green Bean
Blue Lake FM-1K Pole Green Bean
Blue Lake Pole Green Bean, Wright Strain
Blue Razz Flavored Fizzies - Box of 12 Tablets
Blue Shaman Popcorn
Bok Choy
Boltardy Beet
Bonanza Tobacco
Bonsai Shears Large 3-inch Blade
Bonz Fruit Flavored Candies - 1.5 oz. box
Borlotto (Borlotti) Italian Bean
Boronia Dwarf Tomato
Boston Marrow Squash
Boston Pickling Improved Cucumber
Bountiful Bean
Bradley Tomato
BrandyFred Dwarf Tomato
Brandywine, Pink - Tomato
Brandywine, Red - Tomato
Brandywine, Sudduth Strain - Tomato
Brandywine, True Black - Tomato
Brandywine, Yellow - Tomato
Brightest Brilliant Rainbow Quinoa
Brittle Wax (Brittlewax) Bush Snap Bean
Broad London (American Flag) Leek
Broad Windsor Fava Bean
Broadleaf Batavian Endive (Escarole)
Bronze Mignonette Butterhead Lettuce
Brown Tones Dent Corn
Brun Matif Rouest Soybean
Brunswick Cabbage
Brydon's Prize Red Celery
Bubble Gum Pop Rocks - 10.5 gm Packet
Buckeye State Tomato
Bull's Blood Beet
Bundaberg Rumball Tomato
Burgess Buttercup Winter Squash
Burgess Mammoth Wonder Tomato
Burgundy Okra
Burning Spear Tomato
Burpee Improved Bush Lima Bean
Burpee's Golden Beet
Burpee's Quarter Century Tomato
Burpee's Trucker's Favorite Tomato
Burrell's Jumbo Muskmelon
Burt's Bean
Bush Crop Cucumber
Bush Table King Acorn Winter Squash
Bushel Gourd
Butterbean Soybean
Buttercrunch Bibb Lettuce
C Howards Guava Wafer Candy 15 Piece Pack
C Howards Lemon Mints 15 Piece Pack
C Howards Peppermints 15 Piece Pack
C Howards Scented Gum, 8 piece pack
C Howards Spearmints 15 Piece Pack
C Howards Violet Mints 15 Piece Pack
Cal Ace Tomato
Calabash Gourd
Calendula (Pot Marigold)
California Blackeye #46 Pea
California Blackeye #5 Southern Pea
California Poppy, 'Mission Bells'
California Wildflower Mix
California Wonder (Bell) Pepper
Can, One Gallon
Canary Yellow Melon
Canatto Soybean
Canned Victory Garden™
Cannellini Bush Dry Bean
Cap Style Plant Markers - 5 each
Cap, Victory Seed Company
Cape Gooseberry
Cardinal Tomato
Carentan Leek
Caserta Summer Squash
Caspian Pink Tomato
Castelfranco Radicchio (Italian Chicory)
Catskill Brussels Sprouts
Catterton Tobacco
Cayenne Long Red Hot Pepper
Century Tomato
Certs Peppermint Classic Mints
Certs Spearmint Classic Mints
Certs Wintergreen Classic Mints
Chamomile, German
Chamomile, Roman
Champion Collards
Champion Radish
Champion Southern Pea
Chantenay, Red Cored Carrot
Chantenay, Royal Carrot
Charentais Cantaloupe
Charleston Gray No. 133 Watermelon
Charleston Wakefield Cabbage
Charms Candies, Assorted Flavors
Cheeseman's Tomato
Cherokee (Cherokee Red) Tomato
Cherokee Chocolate Tomato
Cherokee Green Tomato
Cherokee Purple Heart Tomato
Cherokee Purple Tomato
Cherokee Trail of Tears
Cherry Belle Radish
Cherry Flavored Fizzies - Box of 12 Tablets
Chervil, Curled
Chico Soybean
China Rose Radish
Chinese Curved Snake Cucumber
Chinese Michihli Cabbage
Chinese White Winter Radish
Chiogga (Bull's Eye) Beet
Chives, Garlic
Chocolate Champion Tomato
Chocolate Lightning Dwarf Tomato
Christmas Pole Lima Bean
Cimarron Romaine Lettuce
Cinderella Pumpkin
Claeys Hard Candy, Anise 6 oz bag
Claeys Hard Candy, Lemon 6 oz bag
Claeys Hard Candy, Assorted Fruit 6 oz bag
Claeys Hard Candy, Cinnamon 6 oz bag
Claeys Hard Candy, Green Apple 6 oz bag
Claeys Hard Candy, Licorice 6 oz bag
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1/27/2016 - We are still working on getting all of the New for 2016 varieties listed so please stop back in from time to time. Our "busy season" has started, and we do run out of some varieties rather quickly, so plan and get your orders in as early as possible. We are currently mailing out orders within 2 to 4 business days. Thank you for continuing to support our historical research and seed variety preservation work with your orders!

Mini FAQ

Every year, people from all over the world send us their interesting and prized seed varieties. Although our grow out schedules are tight, we do fit in quite a few "new" varieties each year. We eventually trial them and make as many as possible available to gardeners.

Catalog Info

If you are an active customer, you are on the mailing list and catalogs are mailed out by mid-January.  If you have not placed an order with us within the last two years and would like a printed copy, you can order one now by clicking here. For a printable PDF copy of our catalog and our order sheet, along with more information about placing mail orders, click here.