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Victory Heirloom Seed Company - Preserving the future, one seed at a time!

"Preserving the future,
one seed at a time."

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All of our rare and heirloom seeds are open-pollinated, non-hybrid and are not treated with chemicals.

Liberal, Oregon

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Victory Seeds - Product Index
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Waltham 29 Broccoli
Waltham Butternut Winter Squash
Wando Garden Pea
Waratah Dwarf Tomato
Warner Tobacco
Watermelon Radish
Wayahead Lettuce
Wayahead Tomato
West Indian Gherkin Cucumber
Wherokowhai Tomato
Whipple Dry Bush Bean
Whippoorwill Southern Pea (Cowpea)
White Acre Southern Pea
White Boston Lettuce
White Cherry Tomato
White Delicatesse Kohl Rabi
White Egg (Snowball) Turnip
White Emergo Runner Bean
White Icicle Radish
White Lisbon Onion
White Mammoth Tobacco
White Marrowfat Bean
White Plastic Plant Stakes
White Popping Sorghum
White Triumph Sweet Potato Plants
White Wonder Cucumber
White Wonder Tomato
Wide Garden Trowel
Wielnska Brunatna Soybean
Wild, Rustica Tobacco
Willamette Tomato
Williams Naked Seeded Pumpkin
Willow Leaf Pole Lima Bean
Will's Sugar Watermelon
Winter Density Bibb-Romaine Lettuce
Winter Queen Watermelon
Wisconsin Black Soybean
Wisconsin Seedleaf Tobacco
Witloof Chicory
Wood's Famous Brimmer Tomato
Wood's Prolific Bush Lima Bean
Worm Factory 360
Worm Factory Standard
Wormwood - Artemisia absinthium
Yarrow, Gold
Yarrow, White
Yellow Ailsa Craig Tomato
Yellow Bush Scallop Summer Squash
Yellow Lemon Tomato
Yellow Mammoth Tobacco
Yellow Orinoco Tobacco
Yellow Pear Tomato
Yellow Plum Tomato
Yellow Pryor Tobacco
Yellow Stuffer Tomato
Yellow Sweet Spanish Onion
Yellow Twist Bud Tobacco
Yi Tong Lu Da Dou Soybean
Yubileyny Tarasenko Tomato
Yukon Chief Sweet Corn
Yukon Quest Tomato
Zarnitsa Cucumber
Zimmer Spanish Tobacco
Zinnia, Lilliput Mix
Zinnia, Thumbelina Mix
Zipper Cream Southern Pea
Zleovo Tomato
Zolotoe Serdtse Tomato
Zolotoy Zapas Tomato
Zolta z Zolna Soybean
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5/9/2017 - It is finally feeling like spring here on the farm and we are so thankful for the sun. If you need seeds, we have them waiting for you and are still quickly filling orders within 1 to 3 business days. Also, sweet potato plants are now shipping but sales for this season will end soon. Don't forget to check out the "New for 2017" section for "new" plants with a past that we've added to the catalog. Thank you for continuing to support our historical research and endangered plant variety preservation work with your orders. Please tell your gardening friends and family about us. It is greatly appreciated!

Mini FAQ

Every year, people from all over the world send us their interesting and prized seed varieties. Although our grow out schedules are tight, we do fit in quite a few "new" varieties each year. We eventually trial them and make as many as possible available to gardeners.

Catalog Info

If you are an active customer, you are on the mailing list and catalogs are mailed out by mid-January.  If you have not placed an order with us within the last two years and would like a printed copy, you can order one now by clicking here. For a printable PDF copy of our catalog and our order sheet, along with more information about placing mail orders, click here.