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Sweet Meat Winter Squash
Gill Brother's Sweet Meat Winter Squash
Sweet Meat Winter Squash
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Sweet Meat (Gill's Sweet Meat) Certified Naturally Grown Seed
 (Cucurbita maxima)

Gill Brothers 1947 Catalog Back110 days — This old variety has been a favorite in my family for generations. Introduced by the old Pacific Northwest regional seed house, Gill Brother's Seed Company of Portland, Oregon in 1947. Our seed stock is a family "hand-me-down" that traces its roots directly to Gill's.

This was a favorite variety of both of my grandfathers. One of the pictures above is of my father's dad, here on our farm, saving seed in 1977. My mother's dad also faithfully provided space in his annual garden in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range.

The vines are vigorous and require a lot of space. The fruits weigh ten pounds or more and are a bluish-gray color. Very hard shelled, the flesh is a deep orange color, thick, very sweet, dry and fine grained (stringless).

They keep many months after being harvested.  The 1947 Gill Brother's catalog stated that they, ". . . kept six squash in good edible condition from crop to crop."  In a later paragraph, they return attention from the plant description back to its unusually long-keeping quality and, ". . . the fact that the flavor and sweetness increases with age for at least six months from harvest."

The fruit can be simply stored and baked or processed by canning or freezing.  My mom bakes and freezes leftovers for reheating later. We also cut into cubes and freeze the raw meat in freezer bags for use in soups and other recipes.  'Sweet Meat' has a very sweet, fine texture and is excellent on its own, added to recipes, or even baked as pumpkin pie.  Can you tell that it is a favorite of ours?

Each packet contains three grams, which is approximately 9 to 10 seeds.
Customer Reviews Average Rating review
may try again
Direct sowed into garden. Only one seed germinated, struggled then died at 5" tall. Insects really love this and contributed to its demise. My soil could have been the problem, although other squash did nicely. Will definitely try again, only start indoors with sterile potting mix.

VSC NOTES:Squash vines are voracious eaters so if you think that you have soil issues, improving your soil fertility is a great idea. Also, do keep in mind that squash need very warm to hot soil temperatures (77-95ºF) in order for germination to occur. Here is a link to more information - ~Mike
Reviewed by: Anne Holzinger from New Hampshire. on 8/17/2015
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