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We're a Garden Watchdog Top 5 company

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Physalis ixocarpa

Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.
click for recipe for a recipe for salsa verde.

Tomatillos (pronounced "toe-mah-tee-oh") are a cousin of tomatoes and a native of Mexico. It is a low growing, sprawling plant that can reach two feet in height.  The fruits are small (one inch in diameter), sticky, and enclosed in papery husks.

In Mexico, they are referred to as green tomatoes (tomate verde) and are a staple in their cuisine.  They are the main ingredient for fresh and cooked green sauces in Latin cooking.

 Products (Total Items: 2)
Morado Tomatillo (Purple Tomatillo)
Morado Tomatillo (Purple Tomatillo)
Toma Verde Tomatillo (Green Tomatillo)
Toma Verde Tomatillo (Green Tomatillo)