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Toma Verde Tomatillo (Green Tomatillo)
Toma Verde Tomatillo
Toma Verde Tomatillo (Green Tomatillo)
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Toma Verde Tomatillo  (Green Tomatillo)
(Physalis philadelphica formerly Physalis ixocarpa)

70 days — Very popular in Mexican salsas or picante dishes and even make an interesting addition to salads.  Tomatillos are typically fairly rare in the supermarkets that don't cater to Hispanic customers. Click here for a recipe for traditional salsa verde.

The two to three ounce fruits are harvested while they are still green and before turning yellow, but at the stage when they are just starting to soften. Remove the thin husk before using or consuming. Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.
Customer Reviews Average Rating review
Amazing Salsa!
I started these seeds indoors and the germination was good. I planted 4 plants. I had never grown these but love salsa so this was one of my new plants to try in 2013. I caged the plants just like my tomatoes. Our season was a little cool this year so I didn't get quite the bumper crop I expected but the plants grew and produced just fine. These are super easy to grow. Because they are in a casing there are really not any bug issues. I just wait till the skins start to crack open or turn lighter and pick them. I removed the casings and put in fridge till I got enough to make salsa. These make the best salsa ever and we cant get enough of them. I will plant more this year so I can try different things with them.
Reviewed by: rosemary kelley from Southern Illinois. on 1/3/2014
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