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Livingston's Globe Tomato
Productive, excellent flavored, pink fruit.
Livingston's Golden Queen Tomato
Livingston's, "Queen of all the Yellows." Beautiful yellow with blossom-end blush.
Long Island Cheese Winter Squash<br><b>SOLD OUT for 2020</b>
The fruits are flattened, ribbed, buff in color with orange flesh.
Mississippi Silver Southern Pea
Pods are silvery-green and produced large, meaty, brown seeds.
Moon and Stars Watermelon
Dark green skin speckled with bright yellow spots of various sizes.
Musselburgh Leek
Very large and hardy, tender white, mild flavored stalks, with fan-shaped leaves.
Radiator Charlie's Mortgage Lifter Tomato
Large, pink, over a pound each and one of the best beefsteak flavors available.
Red Creole C5 Onion
'Red Creole C5' onions deep globe, deep-red colored skin with purple-red, firm flesh that is deliciously pungent with a spicy-sweet flavor.
Red Mammoth Fodder Beet<br><b>SOLD OUT for 2020</b>
Oval to spindle-shaped roots can reach 20-25 pounds.
San Marzano Tomato
Paste-type fruits, red, elongated in shape, meaty and tasty.
Seven Top Turnip
A pre-1800 variety grown over winter for spring turnip greens
Sheboygan Tomato
Balanced and complex flavor. Excellent for fresh eating, paste, sauce, or for canning.
Stowell's Evergreen Sweet Corn
Oldest named sweet corn variety; 8-inch ears produce from 10-14 rows of sweet, white, tender kernels.
Thelma Sanders Acorn Squash
White Marrowfat Bean<br><b>SOLD OUT for 2020</b>
Large, egg-shaped dry beans. Excellent for baking and soups.
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