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Resistant Cherokee Wax Bush Snap Bean
An excellent early variety for home or market growers.
Roma II Bush Green Bean
Disease resistant plants, broad, flat pods that are grayish green in color. Very tasty.
Romano 14 Bush Green Bean
Disease resistant plants, broad, flat pods that are light-green in color. Very tasty Romano-type bean flavor.
Royal Burgundy Bush Bean
Round, stringless, purple 5-6 inch long pods turn dark green when cooked.
Royalty Purple Pod Bean
Pods are six inches long, round, creased-back, stringless, and purple in color.
Slenderette Bush Green Bean
Upright plants. Excellent fresh, canned or frozen.
Spartan Arrow Bean
Pods are concentrated and remove easily from the plants.
Spartan Half Runner Snap Bean
A multipurpose variety used as a snap, shell, or dry bean.
State Half Runner Snap Bean
Stringless when young, and have a pleasantly strong, old-fashioned bean flavor.
Tenderette Bush Green Bean
Excellent yields of slim, 5-1/2 inch long, straight, dark-green pods with white seeds.
Tendergreen Bush Green Bean
Plants are strong and erect with round, meaty, stringless pods.
Tenderpod (Burpee's Tender Pod) Bean
Pods are uniform, meaty, stringless, and medium-green in color.
Topcrop (Top Crop) Bush Green Bean
The crops are heavy with pickings concentrated.
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