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Indian Ornamental (Rainbow) Corn
Flour variety, great colors for drying and ornamental use.
Jubilee (Burpee's Jubilee) Tomato
Bright orange, solid, meaty, smooth, sweet, not acidic.
Little Gem Butterhead Lettuce
Small heads, heat tolerant, excellent flavor, sweet and crunchy.
Little Marvel Garden Pea
Compact plants, very productive, hardy, luscious and sugary.
Mammoth Melting Pea
High yielding, thrives in cool weather, uniform production.
Mississippi Purple Southern Pea
Pods are reddish-purple with large brown peas that are very easy to shell.
Mississippi Silver Southern Pea
Pods are silvery-green and produced large, meaty, brown seeds.
Navy Bush Dry Bean
An excellent choice for soups and baking. Stays firm even after reheating!
Oregon Spring Tomato
Early, large, red, nearly seedless fruit. Sets under cool temperature conditions.
Oregon Sugar Pod II Pea
Succulent pods on short plants.
Pinkeye Purple Hull BVR Southern Pea
Very productive, early maturing, disease resistant, bush to semi-vining plants with purple pods that are 6 to 7 inches long.
Pinto, Othello - Bush Dry Bean
Primarily grown to maturity and used as a dry bean.
Ponderosa Tomato
Large, purplish-pink fruit, mild flavor for slicing and canning
Porter Tomato
Sets fruit in dry, hot climates. Egg-shaped, dark pink fruits.
Red Garnet Amaranth
The plants are a beautiful maroonish-red color with fuchsia-red flower heads.
Red Pear Tomato
Small, red, pear-shaped variety makes a very nice salad garnish.
Reid's Yellow Dent Corn
Big ears of large yellow kernels. Mainly used for flour, meal, and feed.
Roma VF Tomato
Plum-shaped, red, two ounce fruit, is ideal for paste or puree.
Royal Red Cherry Tomato
Nearly perfectly globe shaped, brilliant red, and weigh 2-3 ounces.
Rutgers Tomato
Bright red, globular, slightly flattened with smooth, thick walls that are crack resistant.
Ryegrass, Annual
Great soil improving cover crop and nutritious fodder for livestock.
Sadandy Southern Pea
Generally used at the fresh shelling stage
Small Red Cherry Tomato
Pinkish-red fruits are oval and have full flavor.
Stowell's Evergreen Sweet Corn
8-inch ears produce from 14-18 rows of sweet, white, tender kernels.
Sugar Ann Pea
Crisp, flavorful, 3-inch snap peas. Great fresh, in stir fry or frozen.
Sugar Baby Watermelon
One of the sweetest and earliest icebox watermelons.
Sugar Snap Pea
Tasty and tender when young.
Super Sioux Tomato
Red, globe-shaped, 4 ounce fruits. Good in high temps.
Tenderette Bush Green Bean
Excellent yields of slim, 5-1/2 inch long, straight, dark-green pods with white seeds.
Texas Cream 12 Southern Pea
A bush-type, cream pea variety for home and market gardeners.
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