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Old Time Tennessee Muskmelon
A rare, "garden-to-table" muskmelon; Pick at peak of ripeness and eat.
Piel de Sapo Melon
Flesh is pale green to white and it is very tender, juicy and sweet.
Pike Melon
Oregon heirloom with 3 to 6 pound, fragrant, juicy and sweet fruits.
Planter's Jumbo Melon
Fruits have a firm rind with light ribs and thick, orange flesh.
Plum Granny Melon<br><b>SOLD OUT for 2021</b>
A very fragrant heirloom.
Schoon's Hardshell Melon<br><b>SOLD OUT for 2021</b>
Apricot-colored, sweet and very tasty fruits.
Tendral Verde Tardif Melon
Dark-green rinds, and very sweet, light-green flesh.
Tip Top Melon
Flesh is a deep salmon color, very thick and sweet.
Top Mark (Topmark) Melon
Flesh is sweet, deep salmon colored.
Tularosa Market Melon
Their flesh is orange, tender, sweet and juicy. Vary in weight from 3-9 pounds.
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Harvest Tips: Melons are best harvested at their peak of maturity; not a moment early or later. Determining this point is a bit tricky and a skill that melon farmers develop with years of experience, but here are a few pointers:
• Smell the blossom end of the melon. They will have a sweet smell when they are ready.
• Look at the skin color. If they are a netted variety, they netting will have become more pronounced and the skin between the netting will have changed from a green color to tan.
• Honeydew varieties will develop a yellow blush on their otherwise ivory colored rinds.
• Some of the "old-timey" type melons, for example 'Banana' melon, will slip from the vine when ready.

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