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Primrose Gage Tomato
Primrose-yellow, golf ball sized, with soft, almost velvety skin.
Principe Borghese Tomato
Italian heirloom with small, red, plum-shaped fruit. Great for fresh eating as well as sun-drying.
Pritchard (Scarlet Topper) Tomato
Scarlet red, weigh 5-10 ounces, are mild flavored and produce well.
Promise (or 1898) Half Runner Bush Green Bean
A very hardy, very prolific heirloom green bean from Promise, Oregon.
Pruden's Purple Tomato
Delicious, large, 12-16 ounce fruit with dark pink skin.
Prue Tomato
Wiispy, wilty, droopy leaves; Great flavor, elongated, red fruit
Puck Tomato
Early producing, bite-sized, full flavored, red cherry-type fruits
Radiator Charlie's Mortgage Lifter Tomato
Large, pink, over a pound each and one of the best beefsteak flavors available.
Red Currant Tomato
Productive, flavorful, tangy, and interesting in salads and preserves.
Red Grape Tomato
Bright red, small, flavorful, grape-shaped.
Red Mortgage Lifter Tomato
Large, over a pound each, red, disease resistant, improved beefsteak.
Red Russian Tobacco
The flowers are a beautiful Red color. A great choice as an ornamental plant.
Red Stuffer Tomato
Excellent stuffed with slaw, "Louie" or tuna salad.
Red Zebra Tomato
Red with jagged, vertical orange mottling; mild, but slightly tart flavored.
Redfield Beauty Tomato
Beautiful, smooth, globe to slightly oblate-shaped, 6-12 ounce pink fruits.
Riesentraube Tomato
Small, red, globe-shaped, one-inch, one ounce, tasty and bite-sized.
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