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Riggins Stick Pole Green Bean
A family heirloom from Kentucky. Excellent flavor. Productive.
Riverside Tomato
Mild and sweet with no strong aftertaste; good for both fresh eating and canning.
Romano Pole Green Bean
Thick, flat when immature, medium green, stringless pods.
Rosella Crimson Tomato
Vigorous and productive. Medium sized, pink oblate fruits with an excellent to outstanding flavor
Rosella Purple Tomato
Oblate, 6-12 ounce, deep purple-pink fruit. Intense, balanced flavor.
Royal Red Cherry Tomato
Nearly perfectly globe shaped, brilliant red, and weigh 2-3 ounces.
Rozovyi Gigant Tomato
Large, pink, flattened, fruits weighing up to 40 ounces.
Rozovyi Izumnyi Tomato
Medium (3-12 oz.), pink, beefsteak fruits. Excellent, sweet flavored slicer.
Russian Red Tomato
Fruits are red, small, and juicy with a great flavor.
Sakharny Pudovichok Tomato
Siberian variety. Beeksteak, red, 4-20 oz., juicy, flavorful fruits.
Salsa Tomato
Its flesh to juice ratio is perfect for making fresh salsa.
Samsun Tobacco
A Turkish-type tobacco; used as a cigarette and pipe blending tobacco.
San Marzano Tomato
Paste-type fruits, red, elongated in shape, meaty and tasty.
Santiam Tomato
Early season, red and large-fruited.
Sarandipity Dwarf Tomato
Round, 2-4 oz., chocolate colored with vertical green striped fruits. The firm, deep crimson flesh is mild and sweet.
Sarnowski Polish Plum Tomato
Wispy, regular leaf foliage with red, 5-8 ounce fruits.
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