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Sarandipity Dwarf Tomato
Round, 2-4 oz., chocolate colored with vertical green striped fruits. The firm, deep crimson flesh is mild and sweet.
Sarnowski Polish Plum Tomato
Wispy, regular leaf foliage with red, 5-8 ounce fruits.
Saucy Tomato
An early maturing paste-type tomato. Blocky, plum shaped,solid fruit.
Sausage Tomato
Unusually shaped, as the name implies, up to six inches long.
Schiavone Italian Paste
Very nice, bright red, paste-type tomato that is very meaty and tasty.
Schimmeig Stoo (Striped Cavern) Tomato
Make a nice, edible container.
Sean's Yellow Dwarf Tomato
Bright yellow fruit with a refreshing, bright, delicious flavor.
Sheboygan Tomato
Balanced and complex flavor. Excellent for fresh eating, paste, sauce, or for canning.
Siberia Tomato
Very early and said to be capable of setting fruits at 38F.
Siletz Tomato
Good, mild, slightly tart flavor, large, red, fruit.
Silvery Fir Tree Tomato
Red, oblate, weigh between 4-10 oz., meaty, excellent flavor.
Sioux Tomato
A beautiful, red, all-purpose variety. Excellent fresh or used for canning, freezing or processing into pastes and sauces.
Six Shooter Sweet Corn
Very productive - up to six full-sized ears of delicious, sweet kernels packed with old-time corn flavor.
Sleeping Lady Tomato
Prolific, chocolate-mahogany colored fruits with a well balanced, pleasant flavor.
Snow on the Mountain Pole Lima Bean<br><b>SOLD OUT</b>
Long season, very heavy yielding variety. Maroon in color with a splash of white.
Snow's Fancy Pickling Cucumber
A very nice, old, pickling variety that is good for slicing too.
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