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Wood's Famous Brimmer Tomato
Pink, flattened-globe shaped fruits, 12 to 32 ounces, tasty.
Yellow Ailsa Craig Tomato
Yellow, globe-shaped, juicy, sweet, and weigh 2-3 ounces.
Yellow Lemon Tomato
Yellow, globe-shaped, juicy, sweet, weigh two to four ounces.
Yellow Mammoth Tobacco
Multipurpose flue-cured type historically used for cigarette and pipe blending.
Yellow Plum Tomato
Very productive, 1 by 1¼ inches, mild, sweet, bite-sized fruits perfect for tossed salads and snacking.
Yellow Stuffer Tomato
Unique bell pepper shape fruits with large open centers.
Yubileyny Tarasenko Tomato
Vigorous, very prolific plant with red, pointed fruits that weigh from 2-5 ounces.
Yugo Roze Tomato
Meaty, delicious, mildly sweet and fruity flavor.
Yukon Chief Sweet Corn
Early maturing; developed to germinate and grow better in cooler soils.
Yukon Quest Tomato
Round to oblate, 3-6 ounce, pink fruits with a well balanced and pleasant flavor.
Yusupov Tomato
A nice, old-fashioned, beefsteak-type slicing tomato from Uzbekistan; juicy, yet nice and firm.
Zarnitsa Cucumber
A good, early, reliable pickling cucumber variety from Belarus.
Zimmer Spanish Tobacco
Historically grown for use as cigar filler, binder and wrappers. Improved Cuban or Havana-type.
Zleovo Tomato
The fruits are small, red in color, globe-shaped, excellent flavor.
Zolostisty Pepper
Beautiful, compact, sweet and mild pepper.
Zolotoe Serdtse Tomato
Russian variety; 3-8 oz., golden-orange, heart shape fruits.
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