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Thessaloniki Tomato
Red colored, 6-18 ounces each, globe to flattened-globe shaped, and firm flesh that has a slightly sweet, berry-like flavor and a tart after taste.
Tiger Tom Tomato
Juicy fruits average 6 ounces; yellow-orange stripes on red-orange skin, early, and prolific.
TN86 Burley Tobacco<br><b>SOLD OUT until 2023</b>
Tall, ornamental, flowering plants. Burley-type used for cigarettes.
Tobacco Patch Dry Bush Bean
Plants are sturdy, erect, keeping the four inch pods off of the ground.
Tokio Vert Soybean
Small, slightly elongated, green seeds that contain about 19% oil and 44% protein.
Tony's Italian Paste Tomato
Red, plum-shaped with points on ends, thick and meaty.
Traveler 76 Tomato
Drought, heat and crack resistant. Good flavored pink fruits.
Traveler Tomato
Mild flavor, medium sized, pink fruit.
Trophy Tomato
Medium-sized (4-12 oz.), oblate, red fruits that are firm, solid but juicy, and mildly sweet.
Tularosa Market Melon
Their flesh is orange, tender, sweet and juicy. Vary in weight from 3-9 pounds.
Turkey Chomp Tomato
Nice flavored, attractive, large, red, beefsteak-type tomato.
Uluru Ochre Tomato
Uniquely colored that are the first "black/orange" we've seen; Absolutely delicious, smokey flavor.
Uralskiy Ranniy Tomato
Extremely smooth, red skin and a very mild taste.
Valena Italian Pole Green Bean<br><b>SOLD OUT until 2023</b>
Good as a green bean, shell bean and a dry bean.
Valena Pink Tomato
An Italian heirloom, pink, slicing tomato that can grow monstrously huge, has a great flavor, and are meaty, yet juicy.
Variegated (Splash of Cream) Tomato
Very productive, small, 2-5 ounce, red fruit. Unique leaf coloration.
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