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Burpee's Quarter Century Tomato
Compact plants with oblate-shaped, red, smooth and crackless tomatoes.
Burpee's Table Talk Tomato
Compact bush-type plants; deep globe-shaped, solid, meaty, 4-16 oz., red fruits.
Burpee's Trucker's Favorite Tomato
Medium to large sized, pink fruited tomato, weigh from 6-12 ounces.
Burt's Bean
Purple pods with six to eight tan colored, kidney shaped seeds per pod.
Bush Crop Cucumber
A deep green 6-8 inch slicing variety on bush-type plants.
Butterbean Soybean
Bright green beans developed for fresh eating.
Caitlin's Lucky Stripe Tomato
Productive potato leaf variety with 4-8 ounce fruits. Beautiful, very juicy, slightly tangy and delicious.
Cancelmo Family Heirloom Tomato
Mild, smooth, balanced, though slightly tangy, flavor. Most fruits are big, beautiful, and nice for slicing.
Cardinal Tomato
Medium sized, beautiful red colored, flattened globe shaped fruits.
Caspian Pink Tomato
Pink fruits with mild and sweet taste.
Catterton Tobacco
A "Maryland-type" tobacco that is used for pipe and cigarette blending as well as for cigars.
Century Tomato
Heavy producer. Beautiful smooth skinned, red slicing type.
Chalk's Early Jewel Tomato
Vigorous, productive and reliable; red, smooth fruits with nice balanced flavor.
Cherokee (Cherokee Red) Tomato
Fruits average 7 oz., red with uniform green shoulders.
Cherokee Chocolate Tomato
Dark crimson red with shoulders that are brownish-black.
Cherokee Green Tomato
The interior ripens green; skin takes on a yellowish hue when ripe.
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