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Clare Valley Pink Tomato
Round, pink, small to medium sized tomatoes with a nice balanced flavor.
Clare Valley Red Tomato
Beautiful, globe shaped, small to medium sized, red colored tomatoes on sturdy, compact plants.
Condon's Peerless Tomato
Beautiful, uniform shape, meaty, nice red color, juicy, and full-flavored.
Connecticut Broadleaf Tobacco
Broad leaf, strong, thin, elastic, silky, small fibers, sweetish taste, light in color.
Cooper's Special Tomato
Medium sized (3-9 ounce), globe-shaped, smooth skinned, beautifully pink fruits.
Coorong Pink Tomato
Large yields of small to medium pink fruits. Smooth-skinned with a well-balanced flavor.
Coroja Tobacco
An Oriental-type tobacco that possesses a bit of spice and was historically used for cigar wrapper leaves.
Cosner Tomato
Dark pink, 8-12 ounce fruits that have a very good flavor.
Cossack Pineapple Ground Cherry
Pineapple flavored cousin to tomatoes; good in pies, for jams, or plain snacking.
Coyote Tomato
Tiny cherry tomato, ivory colored, very tasty.
Crimson Cushion Tomato
Nice balance of tart and sweet.
Curry Tomato
A gigantic, delicious, pink, beefsteak-type fruit that is an old family heirloom from West Virginia.
Danko Tomato
Red, heart-shaped, weigh three to fourteen ounces, and have a good flavor.
De Barao Polosatyi Tomato
Striped, bi-color, oval-shaped, two to four ounce fruits. Russian heirloom.
Deaton's Dwarf Tomato
Juicy, round, 3-8 oz. fruit that are chocolate colored; Mild and well balanced with both sweet and tart elements.
Dester Tomato
Excellent tasting, large (6-24 oz.), pink, beefsteak-type, oblate shaped fruits.
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