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Earth Tones Dent Corn
Earth-tone colors that include shades of gold, bronze, mauve, pink, green, browns, blues and many shades in between.
Floriani Red Flint Corn
The staple polenta corn for the Valsugana Valley near Trento, Italy.
Gill's Early White Market Sweet Corn<br><b>Out of Stock for 2019</b>
Very early, 10-inch ears containing 12-rows of tender, sweet, white colored kernels.
Glass Gem Corn
Absolutely amazing! The translucent, multicolored kernels shimmer and shine like gemstones.
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Golden Bantam Sweet Corn
The most popular yellow sweet corn among home gardener's since the beginning of the twentieth century.
Green & Gold Dent Corn
Quite unique. Popular with fans of John Deere tractors and the Green Bay Packers.
Hooker's Sweet Indian Sweet Corn<br><b>Sold Out for 2019</b>
White kernels with an excellent, sweet flavor that mature to black. Perfect for small garden spaces.
Howling Mob Sweet Corn
The ears are 7 to 9-inch ears that have 12 to 14 rows of pale-yellow, almost white, sweet and tasty kernels.
Indian Ornamental (Rainbow) Corn
Flour variety, great colors for drying and ornamental use.
Jarvis Golden Prolific Corn
7-10 inches long, with 12-14 rows of medium-sized, bright golden yellow kernels on a small white cob
Mandan Red Flour Corn
Early maturing, small plants, ears are excellent for fresh eating or allowed to mature for flour and meal.
Midnight Snack Sweet Corn
Very sweet and flavorful. Light colored when fresh, dried to a deep blue-black.
Miniature Colored Popcorn
The kernels are shiny, often pearly in appearance, bright, and varying in color.
Miniature Pink Popcorn
Shiny, bright kernels range from pink to mauve to light purple in color.
Mosby Prolific Dent Corn
Large, white, rare dent corn variety from the 19th Century.
Nothstine Dent Corn
Early maturing dent corn; grinds into a nice, sweet and tasty, yellow cornmeal and flour.
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