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Marjoram, Sweet
Utilized both fresh and dried as a culinary seasoning. It is similar to Oregano.
A perennial, grows fairly tall, has pink flowers and spreads by underground runners.
Parsley, Evergreen<br><b>SOLD OUT - Please Check Back</b>
More frost resistance than other varieties and grows vigorously.
Parsley, Hamburg Rooted
Roots are 8-10 inches long, 2-inches in diameter, fleshy white, parsnip-like roots.
Parsley, Italian
Deeply cut, dark green leaves with a rich strong flavor.
Parsley, Moss Curled
Early maturing, vigorous, compact plants. Leaves are deeply cut and curled.
Parsley, Plain or Common
Plants are erect, 12-inches tall, vigorous; Leaves are large, flat, and glossy green.
Sage (aka Common or Garden Sage)
A primary culinary herb used in Western cooking.
Salad Burnet
Used for centuries as a medicinal, it is an attractive perennial used as a wonderful salad green.
Sorrel, Garden or English
Immature leaves used in salads; mature leaves in soups for tartness.
Summer Savory
Used as a peppery flavoring for salads, soups, stuffing, etc.
Thyme, Creeping
Low growing. Often planted between the stones of paths for beauty and aroma.
Thyme, Garden
Used as a seasoning, it is said to help in the digestion of fatty foods.
Yarrow, Golden
Attractive to various pollinating insects; the cut flowers make interesting additions to fresh and dried floral arrangements.
Yarrow, White
Interesting in landscapes, attractive to pollinators, used in floral arrangements, historically served as a medicinal herb.
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