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Italian Parsley
Deeply cut, dark green leaves with a rich strong flavor.
Lavender, English
Attracts butterflies, reportedly repels deer and moths, and was used medicinally.
Lemon Balm
Useful in cooking, herbal teas, and home remedies. Very pleasant tasting.
Seeds are aromatic and used in cakes.
Marjoram, Sweet
Utilized both fresh and dried as a culinary seasoning. It is similar to Oregano.
Moss Curled Parsley
Early maturing, vigorous, compact plants. Leaves are deeply cut and curled.
A perennial, grows fairly tall, has pink flowers and spreads by underground runners.
Plain or Common Parsley
Plants are erect, 12-inches tall, vigorous; Leaves are large, flat, and glossy green.
Sage (aka Common or Garden Sage)
A primary culinary herb used in Western cooking.
Salad Burnet
Used for centuries as a medicinal, it is an attractive perennial used as a wonderful salad green.
Sorrel, Garden (English)
Immature leaves used in salads; mature leaves in soups for tartness.
Summer Savory
Used as a peppery flavoring for salads, soups, stuffing, etc.
Thyme, Creeping
Low growing. Often planted between the stones of paths for beauty and aroma.
Thyme, Garden
Used as a seasoning, it is said to help in the digestion of fatty foods.
Yarrow, Gold
Gold Yarrow
Yarrow, White
White Yarrow
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