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Durmitor Tomato
Beautiful, smooth, red, globe-shaped, large cherry type fruits.
Dwarf White Sugar, Edible Podded Peas
Pods are sweet, tender and harvested just as peas begin to develop.
Early Frosty Garden Pea
A good home garden and fresh market variety good for fresh eating or freezing.
Early Perfection 326 Garden Pea
A good table variety that holds it color well when processing.
Earth Tones Dent Corn
Earth-tone colors that include shades of gold, bronze, mauve, pink, green, browns, blues and many shades in between.
Earthworm Castings (gallon)
Nature's Own Soil Ammendment
Fiskeby Soybean
Extremely early, extremely tolerant of adverse conditions. Great choice for the North.
Flambeau Soybean
Seeds are small to medium-sized, greenish-yellow in collor with black eyes.
Floriani Red Flint Corn
The staple polenta corn for the Valsugana Valley near Trento, Italy.
Florida Market Eggplant
Vigorous plant growth with large purple, bell-shaped fruits.
Florida Special Tomato
Red, oblate, nine ounce, firm and meaty fruits.
Florida Sumatra Tobacco
Shade grown and used to make excellent quality cigar wrapper leaves.
Frisée (Frisee) Endive
Loose heads of frilly, finely cut leaves. Excellent salad green.
Geant Vert Soybean
Seeds are large, pale green with black eyes, oval shaped, and medium in size.
Giant Winter (Gigante d'Inverno) Spinach
Large smooth leaves, very tolerant of cold temperatures.
Glass Gem Corn
Absolutely amazing! The translucent, multicolored kernels shimmer and shine like gemstones.
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Glovel Tomato
Fruits are are pink in color, weigh up to 1 pound, firm, and mild in flavor.
Grande Soybean
Large, yellow with tan eyes and are used for edamame.
Green & Gold Dent Corn
Quite unique. Popular with fans of John Deere tractors and the Green Bay Packers.
Grignon 18 Soybean
Beans are red-brown in color and contain 43% protein.
Hakucho Soybean
Can be ready for edamame as early as 65 days.
Harvester Bean
Pods are straight, 5-6 inches in length, medium-green in color, tender, smooth and stringless.
Hatsutaka Soybean
Light green with black eyes, and contain 41% protein.
Hei Pi Qing Rang Soybean
Seeds are black with green interiors; Contain 42-48% protein and 17-20% oil.
Hidatsa Soybean
Edamame variety, Compact plants. Very early and does well in cool, wet soils.
Improved Commodore Bean
Pods are six to eight inches long, slightly curved, dark green in color.
Indark Tomato
Beautiful, smooth-skinned, red, meaty, tasty and large fruits.
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