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Isleta Pueblo Tobacco
Grows very quickly, matures early, and reaches about 4-5 feet in height and has thick, waxy, dark green leaves.
Jasmine Tobacco<br><b>Sold Out for 2019</b>
Beautiful ornamental; Fills the evening air with its amazing fragrance.
Jaune de Desme Soybean
Beans are oblong, contain 47% protein,16% oil, and are yellow with yellow eyes.
Kharkovskaya Zernokormovaya Soybean
Seeds are grayish-green with black eyes and are high in protein (53%).
Korean Brown Soybean
Large, round, brown seeds harvested dry at 100-110 days.
Kosodiguri Extra Early Soybean
Seeds are small, green in color with black eyes and are very high in protein.
Krasnoarmejscaja Soybean
Mottled gray-green seeds that are high in protein.
Lammer's Black Soybean
Cook quickly and they are a good choice for tofu tempeh.
Louisiana All Season Tomato
Heavy producer. Flattened globe to oblate in shape, pink fruits.
Lucky Lion Soybean
Used for edamame, they have a nice, nutty flavor.
Mandarin A Soybean
Tan with a black hilum and saddle and contain 43% protein and 19% oil.
Mica Ungara Soybean
Seeds are yellow with brown eyes and contain 44% protein and 17% oil.
Miniature Colored Popcorn
The kernels are shiny, often pearly in appearance, bright, and varying in color.
Miniature Pink Popcorn
Shiny, bright kernels range from pink to mauve to light purple in color.
Misono Green Soybean
From Japan, cream to light-buff in color, used for edamame, green shelled or dried.
Mountain Pima Tobacco
Cultivated both for its beautiful pink flowers and as a smoking variety.
Nadmorska Rutabaga
They are uniformly large, have green tops and sweet golden-yellow flesh.
Natto Soybean
For multiple uses such as tofu, soymilk and natto. Very productive.
Norman Soybean
Uniform shaped, yellow seeds harvested at 80 days for edamame or later for dry beans.
Oaxacan Green Dent
A rare color for corn kernels, as the name suggests, these ears are shades of green.
Ogemaw Soybean
Mid-season varietiy with reddish-brown colored seeds.
Old Fashion Mustard
Regarded as one of the tastiest varieties of mustard greens.
Oregon Star Tomato<br><b>Sold Out for 2019</b>
Large, irregularly shaped, and tend to be seedless. For slicing and processing.
Pencil Pod Black Wax Bean
Pods are about 5-7 inches long, golden-yellow in color.
Pennlan Tobacco
A disease resistant, cigar filler tobacco variety.
Perique Tobacco
Historically used as a smoking, chewing, cigar, and cigarette variety.
Perpetual Swiss Chard
Very hardy being resistant to drought, bolting, and later in the season, to frost.
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