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Royalty Purple Pod Bean
Pods are six inches long, round, creased-back, stringless, and purple in color.
Ryegrass, Annual
Great soil improving cover crop and nutritious fodder for livestock.
Saint Ita Soybean
Seeds that are small, bright green with black eyes, and make a tasty edamame.
Shirofumi Soybean
Good flavor for either edamame or dried uses. High in protein.
Snow's Fancy Pickling Cucumber
A very nice, old, pickling variety that is good for slicing too.
Spartan Arrow Bean
Pods are concentrated and remove easily from the plants.
St. Valery Carrot
Exceptionally sweet and tender. Bright orange-red and grows 10-12 inches.
Sweet REBA Acorn Squash
Mildew resistant. Classic acorn squash flavor and texture but are noticeably sweeter.
Tatsoi Mustard
Leaves are used like spinach and have a mild, but distinctive mustard flavor.
Ted's Pink Currant Tomato
Small, sweet and mild fruits that are a beautiful pink color.
Tenderpod (Burpee's Tender Pod) Bean
Pods are uniform, meaty, stringless, and medium-green in color.
Tularosa Market Melon
Their flesh is orange, tender, sweet and juicy. Vary in weight from 3-9 pounds.
Ugra Soybean
Reddish-brown beans are large and contain 43% protein and 19% oil.
Velvet Soybean
Leaves an pods have silky white hairs which provide some insect resistance.
White Popping Sorghum<br><b>SOLD OUT until 2022</b>
Can be popped like popcorn. The tiny seeds, when popped, are very white, crunchy, and obviously smaller than popcorn. They have a great nutty flavor.
Wielnska Brunatna Soybean
From Hungary. The brown seeds are high in protein.
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