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Tokio Vert Soybean
Small, slightly elongated, green seeds that contain about 19% oil and 44% protein.protein.
Ventura Celery
Heavy yielding, resistant to bolting and some Fusarium wilts.
VIR 1501-40 Soybean
Medium, round, grayish-green seeds that contain about 19% oil and 43% protein.
Wayahead Lettuce
compact buttery heads of savoyed, vibrant green leaves with tender, cream color hearts.
Wisconsin Black Soybean
One of the oldest named varieties of soybeans introduced in the U.S.
Yellow Mammoth Tobacco
Multipurpose flue-cured type historically used for cigarette and pipe blending.
Yi Tong Lu Da Dou Soybean
Beans are medium-large, oval shaped, grayish-green with black eyes.
Zimmer Spanish Tobacco
Historically grown for use as cigar filler, binder and wrappers. Improved Cuban or Havana-type.
Zolotoe Serdtse Tomato
Russian variety; 3-8 oz., golden-orange, heart shape fruits.
Zolotoy Zapas Tomato
Russian variety; 3-11 oz.,orange, oblate-shaped fruits.
Zolta z Zolna Soybean
Medium, slightly flattened, yellowish-tan, contain about 17% oil and an 46% protein.
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