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Sweet Adelaide Tomato
Vigorous, productive, oblate, pink fruit with a balanced, delicious flavor. A wonderful slicing tomato.
Sweet Scarlet Dwarf Tomato
Oblate, smooth red fruit, possessing a superb, intense, complex flavor
Ta li tsao shen wu tou Soybean
Medium-large sized, dull, black in color and contain about 15.5% oil and 51.5% protein.
Tankuro Soybean
Large sized, dull, black beans. Flavorful and excellent as edamame.
Texas-Oklahoma Wildflower Mix
A mixture is formulated for sowing in most of Oklahoma and Texas.
Thai Green Eggplant
Light green, elongated, 10-12" long fruit with white flesh and a pleasant, mild flavor.
Three Root Grex Beet
Yellow, orange, red, purple, as well as different shapes. Very sweet and tender.
Tip Top Melon
Flesh is a deep salmon color, very thick and sweet.
Trucker's Favorite Yellow Dent Corn
Tender, sweet yellow kernels making it a favorite roasting corn.
Uluru Ochre Tomato
Uniquely colored that are the first "black/orange" we've seen; Absolutely delicious, smokey flavor.
Waratah Tomato
Productive, dwarf plants with red, rich, well-balanced, delicious flavor.
Warner Tobacco
Historically used for plug tobacco, as well as for cigarette, pipe, and cigar blends.
Wherokowhai Tomato
Yellow with red swirls with an outstanding, sweet flavor.
White Boston Lettuce
Large hearts blanch to a bright, creamy, butter-yellow color.
White Mammoth Tobacco
Historically used for pipe and cigarette tobacco blends.
Wisconsin Seedleaf Tobacco
Cigar binder type tobacco used for cigar wrapper, binder and filler.
Yellow Orinoco Tobacco
Air-cured type tobacco used for pipe and cigarette blending.
Yukon Quest Tomato<br><b>SOLD OUT until 2022</b>
Round to oblate, 3-6 ounce, pink fruits with a well balanced and pleasant flavor.
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