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Jorge Grande Tobacco
A "cigar wrapper" type tobacco historically used for wrappers and twists.
King Humbert (Roi Umberto) Tomato
Blocky, elongated plum-shaped, red, 2-3 oz., paste-type fruits borne in clusters. Excellent flavor.
KY 24 Tobacco
"Burley" tobacco and was historically used for cigarette blending.
Lacy Phacelia
Violet colored flowers bloom from spring into summer. Attracts pollinating insects. Good cover crop. Annual.
Large Lucky Red Tomato
Red-fruited, potato leaf variety. A beefsteak-type, the flesh is meaty and juicy, with a balanced, mild flavor.
Lemon Bright Tobacco
A Virginia bright leaf type tobacco historically used for cigarette and pipe blending where milder, aromatic characteristics were desired.
Little Hill Tobacco
Historically used as a cigar filler tobacco.
Money Plant
White to pink to lavender flowers bloom from spring into summer, developing distinctive seedpods. Annual to biennial.
Night-blooming, lightly scented, 8-10 foot vines. Excellent as part of your "Moon Garden."
Moore Tobacco
A Maryland-type historically used for pipe and cigarette blending as well as for cigars.
Nebraska Wedding Tomato
Beautiful, four-inch diameter, 8-20 ounce, smooth skinned, apricot-orange fruits that have an excellent flavor. Old heirloom.
Oxheart Carrot
Distinct, short, conical to heart-shaped carrots. Very old French heirloom.
Paulista Tobacco
Cigar wrapper type tobacco, compact plants, reportedly low in nicotine.
Pearson Tomato
Red fruits, 1-3 oz., globe to flattened-globe shaped, with smooth, tough skins, firm yet juicy flesh, and have a nice, mild flavor.
Pennsylvania Broadleaf Tobacco
A very old cigar filler type tobacco.
Pennsylvania Red Tobacco
A cigar filler type tobacco also used for cigar binder.
Pinkney Arthur Tobacco
An old heirloom flue-cured type tobacco, historically used for cigarette and pipe blends.
Potentate Tomato
Red, 2-6 oz., somewhat oblate shaped, with flesh that is juicy and mild flavored.
Russell Lupine
Beautiful plants and blooms. Once established, provides years of repeated blooms.
Silver Dollar Tobacco
Flue-cured type tobacco, historically used for cigarette blends.
Six Shooter Sweet Corn<br><b>SOLD OUT - Please Check Back</b>
Very productive - up to six full-sized ears of delicious, sweet kernels packed with old-time corn flavor.
Smyrna Tobacco
Oriental or Turkish type tobacco, historically used for cigarette blends.
Sticker, 3.5
High quality stickers to help you promote your favorite seed source. Decorate anything from your favorite water bottle to your car.
'Sunup' White Proso Millet
Grown for both animal and human consumption, it reaches about fifty-inches tall.
Thelma Sanders Acorn Squash
Thessaloniki Tomato
Red colored, 6-18 ounces each, globe to flattened-globe shaped, and firm flesh that has a slightly sweet, berry-like flavor and a tart after taste.
Tree Mallow
White to pink flowers bloom from summer into fall. Annual.
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