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Fledderjohn Soybean
Large, brown, tasty beans are used at green stage, as edamame and dried.
Florida Big Cuban Tobacco
Big, egg-shaped, 6-9 inch wide leaves. Originated in Cuba.
German Foxtail Millet
A fine-stemmed summer annual whose small white seeds are attractive to birds, including chickens.
Goiano Amarello Tobacco
'Goiano Amarello' is a cigar filler-type tobacco
Haronova Tobacco
Developed in 1936, leaves are 6 inches by 14 inches; the plants are short and reportedly resistant to both black and brown root rot.
Jorginho Tobacco
A cigar filler-type tobacco with tall plants, large leaves and beautiful dark leaf flowers.
Judy's Pride Tobacco
An old White Burley-type tobacco variety that was historically used for the manufacture of cigarettes and fine smoking mixtures.
Kenko Soybean
Rated highly as an edamamae bean by study panelists for their appearance, aroma, taste, texture, aftertaste, and pod appearance.
KY Black Tobacco
Plants reach 5-6 feet tall, have pink flowers, and its leaves are egg-shaped in outline attached to the stalks at the broad end.
Lemon Summer Squash
Its fruit are bright yellow and resemble lemons. Harvested when young, they are tender, delicious, tasty.
Little Sweet Orinoco Tobacco
A flue-cured type tobacco that grows about four feet tall when topped, and up to six feet if left to flower.
Long Penn Binder Tobacco
A cigar filler-type tobacco with leaves that are about twelve inches wide by twenty-six inches long.
Louisiana Long Green Eggplant
Light green, elongated, 6-12" long fruit with white flesh and a pleasant, mild flavor.
Manitoba Brown Soybean
High yields. Adapted to northern climates. Tasty when green.
Olor Tobacco
Has large leaves, is used for cigar filler and binder, and is commonly grown in the Dominican Republic.
Romano 14 Bush Green Bean
Disease resistant plants, broad, flat pods that are light-green in color. Very tasty Romano-type bean flavor.
Salinas Lettuce
'Salinas' is a crisphead-type lettuce with solid, medium-large heads that are slightly dull-green in color with creamy, firm interiors.
Sticker, 3.5
Red, white & blue, high quality stickers to help you promote your favorite seed source. Decorate anything from your favorite water bottle to your car.
Texas Cuban Tobacco
Plants grow up to six feet tall when topped, have pale pink flowers, and leaves that reach nine inches wide by twenty inches long.
Tokio Vert Soybean
Small, slightly elongated, green seeds that contain about 19% oil and 44% protein.
Velvet Soybean
Leaves an pods have silky white hairs which provide some insect resistance.
Virginia 509 Tobacco
Plants reach 5-6 feet tall, have pink flowers, and its leaves are egg-shaped in outline attached to the stalks at the broad end.
Walker's Broadleaf Tobacco
An old fire cured-type tobacco with large leaves and pink flowers.
Yellow Lupine (<i>Lupinus luteus</i>)
An annual with beautiful plants and yellow blooms. Looks amazing in larger plantings where it feeds the soil and attracts pollinating insects.
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