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Dwarf Vince's Haze Tomato
Oblate shaped, purple colored fruits average 5-10 ounces each and provide an intense, delicious, well balanced flavor.
Dwarf Walter's Fancy Tomato
Medium to large sized (4 to 12 oz.), oblate shaped, pale yellow fruit, with outstanding flavor that is well balanced between sweet tart and quite intense.
Dwarf Wild Fred Tomato
Medium size, somewhat irregular, meaty, purple fruit with excellent flavor.
Dwarf Wild Spudleaf Tomato
Good yields of medium, dark-pink fruits. Juicy, with a nice well-balanced flavor.
Dwarf Zoe's Sweet Tomato
Interesting, chartreuse-colored foliage, with oblate, 6-16 ounce, meaty, sweet, pink fruit.
Fred's Tie Dye Tomato
Has a rich, intense, balanced flavor. Round, purple with jagged gold and green stripes and deep crimson flesh.
Iditarod Red Tomato
Smooth, round, 2 to 4 ounce red fruits with a well balanced, pleasant flavor.
Kangaroo Paw Brown Tomato
Round, 2-6 ounces, with dark, crimson flesh and dark, chocolate colored shoulders.
Kangaroo Paw Green Tomato
Round, 2-5 ounces, yellowish-green fruits.
Kangaroo Paw Yellow Tomato
Round to flattened globe shaped, 2-8 ounces, yellow fruits.
Kookaburra Cackle Tomato
Oblate, brown fruit with a pleasant flavor that is on the tart side.
Loxton Lad Tomato
Delicious orange smooth oblate fruit that range between 6 to 16 ounces.
Loxton Lass Tomato
Delicious orange smooth oblate fruit that range between 6 to 12 ounces.
Lucky Swirl Tomato
Medium-large yellow and red bi-color fruits. Juicy and meaty with a nice mild and sweet flavor.
Mallee Rose Tomato
Rich purple color with green stripes. They are medium-sized with a well-balanced flavor.
Maralinga Tomato
A large, black fruited tomato whose flavor is rich, intense and memorable.
Perth Pride Tomato
Juicy, richly full-flavored, tangy and a distinct refreshing tartness.
Rosella Crimson Tomato
Vigorous and productive. Medium sized, pink oblate fruits with an excellent to outstanding flavor
Rosella Purple Tomato<br><b>SOLD OUT</b>
Oblate, 6-12 ounce, deep purple-pink fruit. Intense, balanced flavor.
Sarandipity Tomato
Round, 2-4 oz., chocolate colored with vertical green striped fruits. The firm, deep crimson flesh is mild and sweet.
Sean's Yellow Dwarf Tomato
Bright yellow fruit with a refreshing, bright, delicious flavor.
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Since our founding, the Victory Seed Company has only offered seeds that were not only rare, open-pollinated, and primarily heritage or heirloom varieties, but ones that our supporters (customers) are encouraged to propagate and save seeds from.  We do not offer patented, licensed or PVP protected varieties.

As a mission-driven organization, and not a fiscally motivated company, public domain seeds are at the core of our values.  Sadly, we live in a world where corporations and governments work to control seeds.  The Open Source Seed Initiative was founded in 2012 to protect the ability to share seeds.

The OSSI Pledge - - "You have the freedom to use these OSSI-Pledged seeds in any way you choose. In return, you pledge not to restrict others' use of these seeds or their derivatives by patents or other means, and to include this Pledge with any transfer of these seeds or their derivatives."

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