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Giant Heart Climber Tomato
Gigantic, pink, heart-shaped tomatoes ranged from 13-32 oz.
Golden Accordion Tomato
Large (up to 20 oz.), golden-orange, deeply pleated, oblate shaped fruits.
Grandma Rose's Italian Pole Bean
An old Italian family heirloom. Good as a green bean, shell bean and a dry bean.
Hajduczek Pepper
Beautiful, compact, sweet and mild pepper.
Kangaroo Paw Brown Tomato
Round, 2-6 ounces, with dark, crimson flesh and dark, chocolate colored shoulders.
Kangaroo Paw Green Tomato
Round, 2-5 ounces, yellowish-green fruits.
Kangaroo Paw Yellow Tomato
Round to flattened globe shaped, 2-8 ounces, yellow fruits.
Kosovo Tomato
Slightly willowy growth, 6-8 feet high, pink, fleshy, slicer-type fruit.
Large Lucky Red Tomato
Red-fruited, potato leaf variety. A beefsteak-type, the flesh is meaty and juicy, with a balanced, mild flavor.
Large Purple Kidney (Norberg / Wanda) Bush Dry Bean
Kidney-type beans that are a deep maroonish-purple color, large and meaty.
Little Lucky Tomato
Beautiful, golden-yellow fruits with a red blossom end blush.
Lucky Cross Tomato
Beautiful bi-colored, large, juicy, tasty fruit.
Mabry's Yellow Watermelon
Fine-grained, crisp, wonderful, orange flesh that is juicy and amazingly sweet. An awesome heirloom!
Mama Payton's Okra
An old Payton family heirloom from Cherokee County, Alabama
Mediterranean Tomato
Range from globe to heart to double-heart; sweet flavor.
Northern Elan Tomato<br><b>Coming Soon</b>
Beautiful, firm but juicy fruit delivering a nicely balanced flavor. Holds well late in the season; resistant to cracking and splitting.
Pale Leaf Mortgage Lifter Tomato
The fruits are large, pink, delicious flavored.
Petmecky Corn
A very old Texas family heirloom grain corn with Native American roots. Beautiful and tasty.
Promise (or 1898) Half Runner Bush Green Bean
A very hardy, very prolific heirloom green bean from Promise, Oregon.
Riggins Stick Pole Green Bean
A family heirloom from Kentucky. Excellent flavor. Productive.
Rosella Purple Tomato
Oblate, 6-12 ounce, deep purple-pink fruit. Intense, balanced flavor.
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