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Rosella Purple Tomato
Oblate, 6-12 ounce, deep purple-pink fruit. Intense, balanced flavor.
Rozovyi Gigant Tomato
Large, pink, flattened, fruits weighing up to 40 ounces.
Sarandipity Dwarf Tomato
Round, 2-4 oz., chocolate colored with vertical green striped fruits. The firm, deep crimson flesh is mild and sweet.
Schiavone Italian Paste
Very nice, bright red, paste-type tomato that is very meaty and tasty.
Special Turkish Tomato
A very good tasting, meaty, large, oblate-shaped, pink slicing tomato.
Springston Heirloom Tomato
Pink, oblate-shaped, large in size, reaching up to a 20 ounces. Excellent slicer.
Sunshine Sweet Corn
Early maturing, productive, delicious old-time golden sweet corn originally introduced in 1927.
Tait's 'Thoroughbred Trucker's Delight' Tomato
Red, two to ten ounce, globe to elongated-globe shaped fruits.
Tait's 'Trucker's Delight' Tomato
Red, two to ten ounce, globe to elongated-globe shaped fruits.
Tasmanian Chocolate Tomato
Oblate, deep-mahonany colored fruit.
Tularosa Market Melon
Their flesh is orange, tender, sweet and juicy. Vary in weight from 3-9 pounds.
Valena Italian Pole Green Bean
Good as a green bean, shell bean and a dry bean.
Valena Pink Tomato
A great slicer. Monstrously huge, great flavor, meaty, yet juicy.
Wilpena Tomato
Large, red colored, oblate shaped, juicy yet meaty, slicing tomatoes on compact plants.
Yugo Roze Tomato
Meaty, delicious, mildly sweet and fruity flavor.
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