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Oregon Star Tomato
Large, irregularly shaped, and tend to be seedless. For slicing and processing.
Oroma Tomato
An early maturing red paste tomato, with firm fruit.
Roma VF Tomato
Plum-shaped, red, two ounce fruit, is ideal for paste or puree.
San Marzano Tomato<br>SOLD OUT
Paste-type fruits, red, elongated in shape, meaty and tasty.
Sarnowski Polish Plum Tomato
Wispy, regular leaf foliage with red, 5-8 ounce fruits.
Saucy Tomato
An early maturing paste-type tomato. Blocky, plum shaped,solid fruit.
Sausage Tomato
Unusually shaped, as the name implies, up to six inches long.
Schiavone Italian Paste
Very nice, bright red, paste-type tomato that is very meaty and tasty.
Sheboygan Tomato<br>SOLD OUT
Balanced and complex flavor. Excellent for fresh eating, paste, sauce, or for canning.
Speckled Roman Paste Tomato<br>SOLD OUT
Elongated, pointed, red streaked with orange, weigh 3-6 ounces, and are good flavored.
Tony's Italian Paste Tomato
Red, plum-shaped fruit with points on ends, thick and meaty.
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What is a paste tomato? Paste tomatoes are not all plum or pear-shaped. There are some varieties that look like slicers. What makes a paste tomato is not how it looks. Paste tomatoes are characterized by possessing high amounts of sugars and acids (flavor), a lot of pectin, and less water than other tomato types.  The higher amount of pectin, coupled with the lower amount of water makes the juice thicker and requires less time to cook down to a paste consistency. Additionally, growing conditions have a direct influence on the final product. As your crop nears maturity, cut back on feeding and watering.

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