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Trophy Tomato
Medium-sized (4-12 oz.), oblate, red fruits that are firm, solid but juicy, and mildly sweet.
Turkey Chomp Tomato
Nice flavored, attractive, large, red, beefsteak-type tomato.
Uralskiy Ranniy Tomato
Extremely smooth, red skin and a very mild taste.
Variegated (Splash of Cream) Tomato
Very productive, small, 2-5 ounce, red fruit. Unique leaf coloration.
Velvet Red Tomato
Interesting, silvery-gray, regular leaf foliage with tons of small, red, cherry tomatoes.
Victory Tomato
Red, smooth skinned, very juicy and sweet, nearly globe-shaped.
VR Earliest of All Tomato
Red, oblate, 2-6 ounce, smooth-skinned, beautiful and disease resistant.
Vulcan Tomato
Beautiful, globe-shaped, 2-5 oz., red fruit that have a mild, classic red tomato flavor. Good fresh or processed.
Waratah Tomato
Productive, dwarf plants with red, rich, well-balanced, delicious flavor.
Wayahead Tomato
Smooth, tasty, small (two to eight ounce) red fruit.
Willamette Tomato
Unusually smooth, mostly globe-shaped, good red color and solidity.
Wilpena Tomato
Large, red colored, oblate shaped, juicy yet meaty, slicing tomatoes on compact plants.
Yubileyny Tarasenko Tomato
Vigorous, very prolific plant with red, pointed fruits that weigh from 2-5 ounces.
Zleovo Tomato
The fruits are small, red in color, globe-shaped, excellent flavor.
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