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Jaune Flammée Tomato
Small, apricot-orange colored fruits; Excellent, fruity flavor, nice balance of sweet and tart.
Katinka Cherry Tomato
Golden-orange fruits are amazingly productive.
Kimberley Tomato
Very early, red, potato leaf, cherry tomato.
Large German Cherry Tomato
Early, large, cherry-type fruit. Productive and crack resistance.
Red Currant Tomato
Productive, flavorful, tangy, and interesting in salads and preserves.
Red Grape Tomato
Bright red, small, flavorful, grape-shaped.
Red Pear Tomato
Small, red, pear-shaped variety makes a very nice salad garnish.
Riesentraube Tomato
Small, red, globe-shaped, one-inch, one ounce, tasty and bite-sized.
Royal Red Cherry Tomato
Nearly perfectly globe shaped, brilliant red, and weigh 2-3 ounces.
Ted's Pink Currant Tomato
Small, sweet and mild fruits that are a beautiful pink color.
Tiny Tim Tomato
Fine flavored, red fruit that are about one half inch in diameter.
Velvet Red Tomato
Interesting, silvery-gray, regular leaf foliage with tons of small, red, cherry tomatoes.
White Cherry Tomato
Pale yellow, one-half to one ounce fruits that have a sweet, fruity flavor.
Yellow Pear Tomato
Yellow, pear-shaped, fruits are firm skinned, one inch long.
Yellow Plum Tomato
Very productive, 1 by 1¼ inches, mild, sweet, bite-sized fruits perfect for tossed salads and snacking.
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