Columbine, Blue
Blue Columbine - Aquilegia caerulea

Columbine, Blue

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Blue Columbine
Aquilegia caerulea

Also known as 'Giant Columbine'.  The blossoms are large (up to three inches across), blue and white appearing in spring and lasting into summer. Thrives in moist soil in sun or filtered shade in hot climates. Reaches 24 to 36 inches in height.

The best temperature for germination is 60-70F and can take 25 to 35 days.  Germination is enhanced by moist chilling at 38 degrees for 2 months.  A quick alternative to moist chilling is to place seed in paper towel, moisten towel and then place in freezer for a day or two.

A perennial in USDA zones 3-10.

Each packet contains 0.25 gram, which is approximately 225 seeds.
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