Blue Lake 274 Bush Green Bean
'Blue Lake 274' bush green beans.

Blue Lake 274 Bush Green Bean

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A canner's favorite green snap bean.
Blue Lake 274

58 days — 'Blue Lake 274' is a high yielding, bush version of the popular old climbing-type 'Blue Lake' green beans. They perform well, even in adverse weather. The pods develop to 5½ to 6½ inches in length. 'Blue Lake 274' is a canner's favorite as the variety tends to mature its heavy crop all at once. Stagger your plantings for a longer harvest period.

Bred by the Asgrow Seed Company, 'Blue Lake 274' was introduced in 1964. It is resistant to Common Mosaic, Bean Virus 1, and New York 15. Each ounce is approximately 90 seeds.
I love these beans and grow them every year.
I love these beans and grow them every year. They have never disappointed me, and they give and give and give till you think 'Oh please stop with the beans already'. Mixed with the Tendergreen Bush Beans they make a lovely row and can up beautifully. They also pickle real well.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Willamina, Oregon. on 1/1/2016
I recommend these beans!
I have grown this particular variety here in north central Kentucky for the last four years and have used seeds that are as old as three years. I always get really good results with this bean, and last year's production was absolutely outstanding. The vines were so productive, with not too much special care, that we got at least five harvests before wearing the vines out. There were two plantings lasting well into late summer. I recommend these beans!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from North-Central Kentucky. on 1/23/2018
Blue Lake green bean.
Love this bean..easy to grow and save. The only problem I had in the garden was a baby bunny eating them until he grew too big to squeeze through the fence. Still had plenty to can since they produce on a near daily basis! You can save a couple bushes to go to seed and hang them in the garage until they are dry. I save them in baby food jars and put them in the veg. bin in the fridge.
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Reviewed by:  from North Huntingdon, PA. on 1/26/2014
A Consistent Winner
This strain produced well into October with huge, tender pods. It's a great one!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from SW Portland, OR. on 1/29/2017
Great taste, grows great, not always disease resistant.
For a few years I had great success with these beans, always growing quickly and producing and tasting great! One time I had them produce for a month, which is unheard of for bush beans. But some seasons they get diseases and simply don't grow. I've found Rattlesnake Pole bean to be more disease resistant for this area.
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Reviewed by:  from DFW, Texas. on 3/2/2019
Fantastic Green Beans!
These beans are great. I was very impressed at the amount of food produced from such a small planting area. I direct sowed these in early/mid May. I would say I had about 90-95% germination. I planted two rows about six feet long, spaced about six inches. My rows were about twelve inches apart. I will tell you right now this was crowded. But they did well and served to support each other. Next time I will give a little more space to see if this will make even more beans. Overall I would estimate that I gathered 20-ish pounds of green beans from twelve square feet of garden space. I will at least double my planting this coming year. we have pickled green beans and frozen green beans for days ... This will be a favorite in my garden every year I expect.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Salem, OR. on 2/25/2018
Got lucky with half
This was our first go at beans. We tried to grow them in a few different areas. They did great in our full sun veggie garden and we were able to harvest so many over a month span. The beans that I planted in a container grew but hardly produced a pod. The ones along my deck did so so. I was able to pick a few off each of those plants. What we ate tasted great and so I'll be ordering this type again for 2014.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from NW, Indiana. on 2/5/2014
Great Producing Bean
Had a really hard time getting beans to sprout or sprout and not rot. The ones that did sprout and grew produced a seemingly endless supply of beans so far. Really impressed by the harvest chalking the poor germination up to weird weather season this time.
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Reviewed by:  from Clarksville, VA. on 8/3/2013
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