Romano 14 Bush Green Bean
'Romano 14' bush green bean seeds.

Romano 14 Bush Green Bean

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Disease resistant plants, broad, flat pods that are light-green in color. Very tasty Romano-type bean flavor.
Romano 14

60 days — 'Romano 14', also sold as 'Bush Romano #14', have productive, bush-type plants that are somewhat sprawling. They produce thick, flat, light-green, flavorful pods that are ¾-inches by six inches, and generally stringless when picked young. Good for canning, freezing, and of course, fresh eating. We like them steamed with a light coating of butter, salt and black pepper. Reportedly resistant to rust.

USDA Accession Number PI 549883, donated in 1969 by Ferry-Morse Seed Company, Inc. Each ounce is approximately 70 seeds.
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