Broad Windsor Fava Bean
Broad Windsor Fava Bean

Broad Windsor Fava Bean

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Tall, upright and non-branching plants. Large seeds.
Broad Windsor

85 days — The plants of 'Broad Windsor' fava beans reach thirty-six to forty-eight inches tall, are upright, and non-branching. The five to eight inch long pods each contain five to seven seeds. The seeds are large, about the diameter of a U.S. quarter dollar coin, and a little over twice as thick.

Because they can get really heavy as they get laden with pods, the do tend to want fall over. Using t-posts or poles at the ends of the rows and stringing them up would be beneficial. Along with its uses in recipes, it is also a good, nitrogen fixing cover crop. Each packet contains two ounces, which is approximately 32 seeds.
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