Grandma Rose's Italian Pole Bean<br><b>SOLD OUT until 2023</b>
'Grandma Rose's' Italian pole bean seeds.

Grandma Rose's Italian Pole Bean
SOLD OUT until 2023

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75 to 90 days — 'Grandma Rose's' is an Italian heirloom pole bean with vines reaching six to eight feet in height. The vines do need good, tall, strong support. For a lot more information on pole bean support systems, click here. It is a multi-purpose (horticultural-type) variety that can be harvested young as a green bean, at the green shelling stage, and mature as a dry bean. The pods are green and tasty when young turning tan with maroon streaks as they mature. The seeds are large, flattened-oblong shaped and tan with maroon streaks.

We received this family heirloom from Karen Kirsch of Oregon in early 2014. She described its history as follows, "In 2008, my friend and neighbor gave me some pole bean seeds to plant in my garden. I named them in her honor and asked her to tell me the story . . . Rose Pirelli was born as Rosaria Salandro on Nov 29, 1927 to Emilio and Vincenza Salandro in the Southern Italian province of Cosenza (between the "toe and the heel"). This bean was something that the family grew a lot of in Italy. She and her siblings would help harvest and store for use all year. In 1946 she met Jack Pirelli, they were married in 1947. That same year they immigrated to the U.S. and settled on a farm in Hubbard, Oregon. Three years later Rose became a U.S. citizen. The bean seeds were brought back from Italy when she went home for a visit in 1964. She told me that her parents had been planting and saving these very seeds since before 1930. Rose continued to plant the beans in her own garden (she was 86 in 2014) and now I have a new tradition of planting and saving these seeds in my garden." Introduced commercially by the Victory Seed Company in 2015. Each packet contains one ounce, which is about 55 seeds.
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