Indiana Wild Goose Bean
Indiana Wild Goose Bean

Indiana Wild Goose Bean

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Indiana Wild Goose Certified Naturally Grown Seed

100 days — The vines run eight or more feet in height producing white flowers. The pods are eight inches in length containing five to eight seeds each. The seeds are a sandy-brown color with flattened ends and have an almost nutty flavor. Although primarily listed and referenced as a dry bean, it is quite good at the green shell bean stage.

This bean is being reintroduced by us as part of a special project in memory of bean variety conservationist, horticultural bibliophile, and an early benefactor of ours, the late Mark Futterman. At the onset of his end-of-life failing health, had the foresight to find homes for his life's work. (You can read more about the story and about his awesome donation to our horticultural library by clicking here.)

Mark received this bean from a seed saver in New York (NY ST J) in 1993 and grew it out in a comparison trial along with Seeds Blum's 'Goose' bean, which he concluded was the same variety. Each packet contains one ounce, which is approximately 45 seeds.
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