Early Thorogreen Bush Lima Bean
'Early Thorogreen' bush lima beans.

Early Thorogreen Bush Lima Bean

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Productive, vigorous plants with beans that are bright green at the processing stage. Excellent fresh or for canning and freezing.
Early Thorogreen

65 to 70 days — 'Early Thorogreen', as its name implies, is both early, and green-seeded. The plants grow from twelve to twenty inches in height, are sturdy, productive, and vigorous even in hot weather. Its pods typically measure 3/4-inches wide by three inches long, are set in clusters, with each containing three to four beans that are bright green at the fresh processing stage.

There is quite a bit of misinformation in circulation regarding the history and pedigree of 'Early Thorogreen' bush lima. Many merchants describe it as being the same as 'Thorogreen', 'Allgreen', and even 'Cangreen'. Although there are similarities among these varieties, 'Early Thorogreen' is a distinct cultivar. Introduced in 1946[1], it was bred by Ben Fish and Son, Santa Barbara, California, as a stabilized cross between 'Henderson Bush' lima and their original 'Thorogreen' bush lima. Bred for growers who sold their beans to processors, 'Early Thorogreen' is well-suited for fresh eating as butter beans, or for canning and freezing.[2] Each packet contains one ounce, which is about 50 seeds.
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