Fordhook 242 Bush Lima Bean
'Fordhook 242' bush Lima beans.

Fordhook 242 Bush Lima Bean

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Heat resistant for the South and performs equally well Northern and Maritime climates.
Fordhook 242

80 days — 'Fordhook 242', also sold as 'Fordhook Two-Forty-Two',[4] plants are bush-type reaching sixteen to twenty inches tall producing pods that contain three to five large, flat greenish-white seeds. Although it performs well in Northern and Maritime climates, it is described as being developed as a heat-resistant variety for the South. Vaughan's 1945 seed catalog introduced it as follows:
"A distinct improvement is the ability to set basal pods in hot, dry weather, and to thrive in temperatures as high as 102 degrees. Early and total yields are heavier than the original."[1]
When Henry A. Dreer of Philadelphia introduced it to his customers in their 1946 seed annual, they stated:
"It resembles Fordhook with its large, thick-seeded pods which contain 3 or 4 nutty-flavored beans each but the plants have more foliage than regular Fordhook and will set pods in abundance during hot, dry summer weather. The early yield also exceeds that of Fordhook."[3]
Developed by the USDA AES, Beltsville, Maryland as an improved selection of the old W. Atlee Burpee 'Fordhook' Lima. 'Fordhook 242' was introduced and an "All-America Selection®" Bronze Medal winner in 1945.[1,2] The seeds are large. Each ounce contains approximately 25 seeds.
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