White Emergo Runner Bean
White Emergo Runner Bean

White Emergo Runner Bean

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White Emergo
(Sweet White)

Phaseolus coccineus

80 days — 'White Emergo' runner beans, also known as 'Sweet White' runner beans, is similar to 'Scarlet Runner' bean but with white flowers instead of red. The vigorous vines produce prolific yields of long, slender pods. The beans are quite good when the pods are picked young and tender. They are full of flavor and are fleshy with a fine texture. Pick them regularly to ensure a continuous crop. Left to mature on the vines, the seeds are large, white, and also excellent when used as a dry bean.

Runner beans grow well in almost any soil but benefit from soil that has been well-dug and manured. Support growing plants with sturdy canes, netting or bean frames. Each ounce is approximately 25 to 30 seeds.
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