Lima and Butterbeans
Phaseolus lunatus

"Butterbean" is a term used to describe certain small, flat seeded lima beans. There is no separate botanical classification for a butterbean. It is basically a description of the way that they are prepared for cooking. Whereas most limas are grown to the dry stage, butterbeans are generally shelled fresh while in the late green stage, cooked and buttered.

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Burpee Improved Bush Lima Bean
Typically three to five pale-green Lima beans per four to five inch long pod.
Fordhook 242 Bush Lima Bean
Heat resistant for the South and performs equally well Northern and Maritime climates.
Henderson's Bush Lima Bean
An old-time favorite used for canning, freezing and dry bean use.
Jackson Wonder Bush Lima Bean<br><b>Sold Out</b>
Georgia heirloom from the 1880s. Good as a butterbean or dried for soups.
King of the Garden Pole Lima Bean
Enormous pods with large, cream colored seeds.

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