Three Root Grex Beet
'Three Root Grex' beets.

Three Root Grex Beet

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Yellow, orange, red, purple, as well as different shapes. Very sweet and tender.
Three Root Grex

55 days — Three Root Grex' produces a beautiful rainbow of various colored roots — yellow to orange to red to purple — as well as different shapes. They are very sweet and tender. Along with being beautiful and delicious, its 'Lutz' parentage results in some very large roots. Its greens are excellent as well.

Originally bred and introduced by Dr. Alan Kapular of Peace Seeds. To be clear, this is not a "mix" of different seeds, but is an interbreeding mix of three distinctive cultivars, 'Crosby Purple Egyptian',' Lutz Overwintering' and 'Yellow Intermediate Mangel'. Grex is a Latin word meaning "flock" and a term borrowed by Dr. Kapular from orchid breeding to describe that there is variation within this variety's genetics that continues to change. Each packet contains one gram, which is approximately 70 seeds.
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