Coupon Codes, Deals, and Coupon Fraud

Posted by Mike Dunton on 2/1/2019 to Company News
Coupon Codes, Deals, and Coupon Fraud
Coupon Code Aggregator Websites and Fraud

Several people recently told me that our, "... coupon codes were not working." Since I am the guy that programs the codes into the system, and since we also just went live with a new website design, I started investigating. After getting more details from the customers, what I learned was that there are a lot of websites popping up (most of them seeming to originate outside of the USA) that list "coupons" or deals for all sorts of different websites.

We discovered that even the Victory Seed Company is not immune from their escapades and that we have become a target of some of these coupon aggregator sites. Since we have not authorized, nor do we have any affiliation with these sites, and for reasons that should be self-explanatory, we do not honor coupons advertised by any of these third party, aggregator sites.

What these sites do is to fraudulently fabricate “deals” or they find old, expired codes and use them as “search bait” and "click bait" to get you to click on links on their sites. They exist solely to entice you to click on coupon code links so they can track you around the internet and send you advertising. Before visiting sites like this, do a search and see if they are frauds or legitimate. You should have good anti-virus / anti-spam measures in place on your device, and really exercise caution when clicking any links from sites that are new to you.

Learn About Our Deals and Special Offers

From a business perspective, coupon codes, "free" shipping offers, specials, and deals are all ploys intended to generate new business and locate new customers. Businesses that rely heavily on these forms of marketing tend to be very fiscally motivated and often care more about sales volume than they do about their customers.

Since the " such thing as a free lunch," principle is an accepted and immutable economic truism, these costs are hidden in their product pricing by being factored into their advertising or overhead budgets.

As a mission-driven organization, we have striven to remain transparent by keeping our everyday prices as low as possible. This means that we don't have to waste resources playing games by inflating prices just so we can hold the sale of the week. We personally like to be treated like adults and believe that our supporters (customers) understand and appreciate this as well. That said, we do appreciate our supporters and do offer savings opportunities.

The first thing you can do is to make sure that you create an account on our website. When you do, you are automatically enrolled in our customer rewards program which we call, Victory Points. These points accumulate every time you place an order while logged into your account. At various thresholds, the points can be redeemed for gift certificates or products. You can learn more about this program here - [ HINT: Look towards the bottom of the Victory Points page for more ways you can earn points without having to make a purchase! ]

We are also not immune to slow periods and may run specials and other opportunities in order to generate sales. Even mission-driven organizations need a steady flow of cash to keep the lights on and the doors open! If you want to find out about "real" coupon codes or learn about special offers and deals from the Victory Seed Company, the best way is to get connected with us. Join our mailing list, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and be sure to stop by the website and read this blog from time to time.

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