Heirloom Gardens by Mimi Luebbermann
Heirloom Gardens by Mimi Luebbermann

Heirloom Gardens by Mimi Luebbermann

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Heirloom Gardens: Simple Secrets for Old-Fashioned Flowers & Vegetables
by Mimi Luebbermann
Format: Trade Paper, 343 pages
ISBN-10: 0811814513
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Pub. Date: 1997
Dimensions: 8.78 x 8.0 x 0.42 inches
Condition: Publisher's Overstock / Returns

Publisher's Note: Heirloom plants are a unique way for the modern gardener to recapture timeless pleasures. Love-in-a-mist's rose, sapphire, and white flowers; blushing 'Pink Pearl' apples; noisette roses first grown in 1802--these horticultural treasures have been handed down from gardener to gardener through the centuries. These flowers, fruits, and vegetables are original varieties that remain just the way nature intended them--fragrant, flavorful, and blooming, the traditionalist's answer to the square tomato and the scentless rose.

In Heirloom Gardens, easy-to-follow directions include practical tips for growing antique varieties, indoors and out. Imagine a cottage garden filled with the same hollyhocks grown by the first settlers of New England or an outdoor pot blooming with the classic English lavender that has scented European linens for centuries. Grow a pot of cherry old-fashioned nasturtium blossoms to add to salads or a backyard patch of vibrant sunflowers. Enjoy a taste of pure fruits and vegetables with incomparable flavor and garden-fresh texture unavailable in markets.
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