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We love books and have an extensive horticultural research library (see for more information).  We are also thrift minded and work to locate deals on titles that we feel are of interest to our gardening friends. These savings are passed on to you. Our book inventory fluctuates. Many are out-of-print, rare, from publisher over-runs and in limited supply.  We also include used books from time to time.  The condition of the books offered will be duly noted in red on the book's page.  Please click on a book title below for more information, availability and pricing.
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Bible Plants for American Gardens
A descriptive reference of plants that grew in the Mediterranean world of Biblical times.
Early American Gardens: For Meate or Medicine
Early American Gardens: For Meate or Medicine by Ann Leighton
Gardening for Profit by Peter Henderson
A reprint of the 1867 classic by the seedsman and Great-grandfather of Truck Farming in America.
How to Grow World Record Tomatoes: A Guinness Champion Reveals His All-Organic Secrets
How to grow record-breaking tomatoes, and produce of every variety, from a record winning author.
Livingston and the Tomato Book<br><b>SOLD OUT</b>
A history of the modern tomato as written by the father of the tomato industry.
Popped Culture: A Social History of Popcorn in America
The historical reasons behind popcorn's unflagging popularity.
Pure Ketchup: A History of America's National Condiment
An entertaining and informative history of America's favorite condiment. Recipes too.
Saving Vegetable Seeds
Become more self-sufficient by saving your own seed from one year to the next.
Secrets From My Grandma's Garden Paperback
This quick read has seventeen short chapters covering topics from building soil, making homemade fertilizer, and more.
Survival gardening: How to grow vegetables, herbs, fruit, nuts, wine, and tobacco in garden or allotment
A guide on how to garden for self-sufficiency authored from a position of hands-on experience.
The Garden of Invention: Luther Burbank and the Business of Breeding Plants
A history of plant breeder Luther Burbank and of early 20th century horticulture.
The Heirloom Tomato Cookbook
The Heirloom Tomato Cookbook by Mimi Luebbermann
The Household Companion by Eliza Smith
Originally published in 1758 as "The Compleat Housewife," hundreds of historical menus and remedies from the 18th century.
The Tomato Festival Cookbook
The landmark cookbook for America's favorite garden vegetable.
Tomato: A Fresh-from-the-Vine Cookbook
Tomato: A Fresh-from-the-Vine Cookbook by Lawrence Davis-Hollander

Definitions of Book Conditions

New - Self-explanatory

Publisher Overstock / Returns - These are not "Used" but may have some minor wear on the edges of covers. Sometimes there will be a mark on the page edge and dust jackets may have some damage.  The bindings are tight.  Great for affordable gifts for your gardening friends and family or a cost effective way to add a title to your library at a discount.

Used - Usually involves general wear and tear, creases, rips, writing, marks, etc. The book is complete with no pages missing. Anything out of the ordinary will be duly noted.

Ex-Library / Withdrawn - These were once library books that we withdrawn from service.  Condition can vary but in general they are generally similar in condition to used.

Rare - These are classic titles that are either long out of print, of limited or private printing or otherwise are not readily available. The condition on these titles will vary and will be noted in the description.

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