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When we opened "The Victory Old-Time Candy Store" back in 2003, your purchases of classic and nostalgic gum and candy from our store actively worked to maintain demand for the products. This helped to ensure that the companies, many of which were still small, family operated endeavors, were able continue production. Popularity grew and most of the confectioners have thrived.

At the same time, proceeds from your candy and gum purchases helped to fund our work researching, locating, and growing rare seed varieties that are threatened with extinction.

Back when we started offering classic confections to our gardening customers, we were one of the first online "candy stores" specializing in nostalgic brands.  As they became popular, more and more companies popped up.  As a seed preservation organization, it no longer remained feasible for us to compete in the candy business so we discontinued offering confections in early 2013.

Thank you to all of you who have supported our seed variety preservation work through the years with your candy and gum purchases!

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