Henderson's 'Tendersweet' Carrot
Henderson's 'Tendersweet' carrots.

Henderson's 'Tendersweet' Carrot

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Distinct, dark-green foliage; 8-10 inches long, taper slightly from the shoulder to a blunt end.
Henderson's 'Tendersweet'

75 days — 'Tendersweet' carrot plants grow twelve to fifteen inches in height and have a distinct, dark-green foliage. When the roots reach full maturity, they are a deep orange color, average from eight to ten inches in length, and taper slightly from the shoulder to a blunt end.

Introduced in 1928 by the long defunct Peter Henderson & Co., who exclaimed:
"The Sweetest, Tenderest and Hardiest Red Carrot Grown — An outstanding sort for the home gardener because it represents quality at its zenith. It is a favorite with the market grower because its beautiful orange-red color and attractive appearance sells it on sight."[1]
Almost a century since it was first introduced to the public, it is still an excellent choice for gardeners and market growers alike. Each packet contains one gram, which is approximately 600 seeds.
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