2020 Victory Seed Company Annual Catalog<br><b>PLEASE READ NOTICE BELOW</b>
The cover of the 2020 Victory Seed Company Annual.

2020 Victory Seed Company Annual Catalog

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PLEASE NOTE: As the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent economic unrest continue to unfold, you already are aware that all sectors of the economy are being affected by supply and demand. If you want to order seeds, please do so online. Inventory and availability are literally changing on a minute by minute basis and if you order out of the catalog and mail in an order, chances are we will not be able to fill it. Again, we highly recommend placing your order online. Thank you for your understanding and support.

The 2020, Victory Seed Company's
"Descriptive Catalogue of Rare & Interesting Seeds"

Since nearly all of our supporters ("customers") are now shopping online, we no longer automatically send "junk mail" catalogs to everyone. Mass mailing catalogs is not only extremely wasteful and contrary to our environmental and sustainability goals, but as a mission-driven organization operating under a very tight budget, mailing out unwanted or unnecessary catalogs is costly. We do, however, continue to print a limited number of catalogs for folks who do not have access the internet, or who otherwise prefer old-fashioned mail order.

The 2020 edition represents our 22nd year of working to protect rare plant varieties and keeping them available to you, our gardening friends. Although space (and cost) does not allow us to print photos or the full selection of seed varieties that we offer from our web site, it does contain abbreviated descriptions for about 800 varieties of vegetables, herbs and flowers to choose from. You will also have the opportunity to get to know us better by learning more about our family, our company, and our mission.

NOTE: Although catalogs cost $2.00 to help cover costs of printing and mailing, one can be obtained free with any sized order. To receive our catalog for FREE, simply, add a catalog to your cart! Believe it or not, so many people forget this last step. As long as you make any size of a purchase, the catalog cost will be deducted automatically and show up as a $2.00 discount at checkout.

If you would like to download a printable PDF copy of our order sheet, review information about placing mail orders, or download a free, printable PDF copy of our 2020 catalog, click here.
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